Our onion website is:
Please remember this URL so that you can contact us.
If you have question.
You can send Tickets on the website.
If you have cvv, you can sell on our platform, we do not charge commission, please contact us.
We do not trade offline with the seller, the seller submits the data through the background program, we will not ask the seller to submit the data in the communication tool. If you have cvv, you want to sell on our platform, please verify that the account you added is our official account. Don't be fooled by a fake account.
Our website will automatically detect the user's operating behavior. If you are not allowed to operate on the website when you are working, please don't worry, submit a ticket, we will communicate with you in time. We do this to protect the interests of the seller.
If you have doubts about our website, you can submit a ticket to contact us. We hope to win with you